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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Favourite "Naked Palette" by Urban Decay

Hi beautiful ladies.....

So i got my hand on the most talked about Naked (eyeshadow) Palette by Urban Decay... so, whats the hype about this palette? well it was and probably is one of the highest selling palette in the US that they came out with the second and now the third versions of the same!  In fact the Naked 3 was sold out even before it was available at stores!!!!!!!

Anyways, today I would be reviewing Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes for you! before you get awed by these products lemme tell you that these palettes are NOT available in India.. unless Sephora Delhi has started selling them.... I know I know, I am breaking my promise of reviewing Indian products, but I so totally love these products. However, I wouldn't be talking in detail about them... (i don't want you to hate me!)

What I love:

  • i totally love both the palettes anyways!!! ;)
  • the shades have quirky names.. hehehehe like naked, virgin, side car, snake bite etc etc........
  • the brushes with the products are good!! (read excellent)
  • the first palette includes the much talked about eye primer (which is great!)
  • the shades are just beautiful
  • the packaging is chic!
  • it has light, medium and dark shades so you don't require any other palette. it has something for everyone.
  • You can create many looks with the same palette. 
What I don't like:
  • its non availability in India (and high Dollar exchange rate)
  • i could do without the repetition of the shades
What I use it for:
  • A soft and a dramatic smokey look.
  • A day look
The non availability in India is the biggest drawback of this palette!!!!!!! 
However, the Naked 3 palette I believe has an undertone of pink which makes me more desirable for me!!!! and the shades are not repeated (Thank God!)

naked 2
naked 2 swatches

naked palette

naked palette swatches

Please leave your comments, views and reviews below!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Disclaimer: All images shown here are sourced from various websites. They are meant only for illustration purpose.