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Saturday, 13 February 2016

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Essence Cosmetics- #Mascarareview

Hello Beautiful Ladies!!!!

Alright so I am here updating my blog after a very long time... My apologies!!!

So without further ado.. lets begin our review for today! yaay!!!

Brand: Essence Cosmetics
Product: "get BIG! lashes volume boost waterproof mascara"

So I first came across this brand at a store where I usually buy cosmetics for my bridal makeups. I have to accept that I was a little hesitant about the "volume boost" claim it offered as I was then using my favorite mascara by Estee Lauder. So I bought it anyways, thinking lets give it a try.. there is no harm, right?!
I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised with the volume it gave to my lashes!!!

The claim of "get BIG!" was so true and that it was probably by far the best drug store mascara I have used till date! (challenging the other brands to live up to this !!! ) and I have been recommending it to all the women around me!

Like I have always believed that no amount of mascara is ever enough and with this OMG!! Just 2-3 coats and you have your lashes looking truly beautiful and it works best for the fanned out lashes. #sorted

The wand is thick and it easy to apply. Your lashes can easily pass off as falsies with this mascara. win-win

Right! Now the disappointing part of it.
So I went back to the store after about 2 months, and was informed that the brand has stopped selling it in stores! boo hoo :(

Thank God for online shopping websites... immediately googled it and BAMM!! 
Amazon, Flipkart and Ebay were selling the Essence Cosmetics mascara. #whatarelief

However, I am not sure how they are working out the pricing, it is sky rocketing which was super annoying.
I remember buying the mascara for INR 299, they selling it for as high as INR 1900/- (approx) !!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can you believe that!!!!

(psstt... maybe they got to know that these mascaras are totally amazing!!!)

Also, the brand has various versions of volume mascaras, which I couldn't try :(
 I am leaving below the link from their website as that has the complete range! 


  • Quality is amazing
  • 2-3 coats are enough to last you through out the day
  • waterproof
  • the wand is thick and is easy to use
  • love the bright blue packaging

  • not available at stores (any more)
  • highly priced online

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Thank you for reading.. please do leave your comments below and do let me know if any of you find any store selling this product!!!!

love you all !!! 

Disclaimer: All images shown here are sourced from various websites. They are meant only for illustration purpose.