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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Pit Stop at Claire's

Hey gorgeous!

On my lazy weekend outing, I had been to the Phoenix Mall, and the mall had pretty much the same stores as any other mall  (no I am not gonna review the infrastructure of the mall thank goodness for that!). So after visiting all the regular stores, I visited the Claire's Store which I am supposing is specific store to Phoenix mall as its only located there and it doesn't have any stand alone stores either.

This wasn't my first visit to Claire's, I have picked up some products earlier and I like Claire's as it has certain things which are very pretty and also some quirky stuff for a fancy dress party or Halloween!  However, some things according to me are over priced! Anyhow, I ran into the cosmetic "rack" of theirs, which clearly implies that they hardly have any. The cosmetics are sold under their own brand "Claire's"

My eyes were glued to a particular thing which is the glitter eye shadow palette. It consist of 5 colors and had various permutation combinations in the palette. I ended up buying 2 of them (oh come on! I really wanted those!!! )  I know they are glitter and you might shrug your shoulder and tell me its not for an everyday use! but hey! festivities are just around the corner, so party makeup anyone?! Plus did you know that glitter eye shadow was sported at the Fashion week 2013 by Dior and many other makeup artists for various shows this season!?!

At the 2013 fashion week
PRODUCT REVIEW: Like I mentioned earlier they were available in various permutation combinations so there is something for everyone! I picked up a basic palette of silvers and black and another colour palette which has fun colours like yellow, green, blue etc. (I have christened those palettes as they have no name or number on them!)  They are high on glitter and have a creamy texture which makes it easy for application. 
The are priced at Rs. 350/- each. It includes a sponge applicator.
It has a transparent top which attracts to the 'bling'!!!!
My rating:  3/5

HOW TO: So how does one use these glitter shades, first apply a shade of your choice and then apply the glitter. Ideally, you would like to apply the same shade as the glitter. Else, for the two silvers, a dark shade at the bottom would also be great. You can sport this look for dinners, parties and dates!!!! With Navrathi season around the corner you have plenty to experiment with!!

i love the carry bag!!!!! :)

Happy colour palette (L-R) Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Basic Colour Palette (L-R) White with golden glitter, Silver, Violet, Fushia, Black

Thanks for reading! 


Disclaimer: Pictures are sourced from Google and various other websites.

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