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Monday, 2 December 2013


Hello Beautiful Ladies!!!!!!!!!!

So have you started building your kitty as yet???
Looking for some more tips? well... today is your lucky day!!!

Since we have covered about lipsticks in the previous post.. The reason i started with lipsticks and not basics is only cause lipsticks is one thing that every girl has in her closet and wears it everyday!!!

So simultaneously, lets discuss about other things that you would require to build your makeup kit. If you have been following me then you would know that I have already spoken previously about the must have brushes.

Today we are talk about other TOOLS that you would require for your kit. However, please remember that the brushes have been mentioned in the previous post are ONLY basics there are many more brushes that are used.

So, what are the other tools needed for crafting your best look? here goes.....

1. WEDGE SPONGES: I am personally not a fan of using these sponges for makeup,but I do use them while doing nail art. They definitely do help in blending your makeup and removing the harsh lines. These are very easily available in all stores. There is a new king of a sponge which is in a shape of an egg, (picture posted below) that seem really good but the only disappointment is that they are not yet available in India. (Maybe just maybe they should be at Sephoras Delhi)

2. POWDER PUFFS: yes! we all have them! They are usually used for applying compact or loose powder and helps in setting the makeup and makes the skin oil free. The other use of these puffs is by "wearing" it on your little finger if you want to keep your hands of your face while applying the makeup.

3. COTTON PADS AND COTTON SWABS: These are used for cleaning your face (even that's equally important) , blending and shaping your makeup. (and you thought that cotton swabs was only to clean your ears! )

4. TWEEZERS: Didn't realise that there was a hair or two on the brow or upper lip well, that God for these tweezers! They are total saviours!!! and it also helps in applying the false lashes and place them properly on the water line.

5.  EYE LASH CURLERS: These are a lot of girls out there who swear by eye lash curlers. So even if you are not a avid user of these curlers it is a must have in your kitty, its and easier way to open the eyes, making them look wider and brighter. 

6. SHARPENER: Needless to say why you need this. Please make sure that you need a blade of the right sharpness and size of your lip and eye pencils.

7. SPATULA AND MIXING PALETTE: If you are one of those ladies who like to mix some colors to create your own concoction and creating something new, or you like mixing 2 foundations to create the perfect shade then you would require these tools, else you don't require them.  The spatula also helps in scrapping out the products.

8. BROW AND LASH GROOMER: again not really a must have, but having it in your kitty does no harm. It helps to separate the lashes and "comb" your brow. 

Most of the tools mentioned here are mostly in expensive and equally important to have in your makeup kitty. You can find them in your local store or online. 

Talk to me.. leave your comments, reviews, views....

happy shopping!!!

Disclaimer: Images shown here are sourced from various websites. Only for illustration purpose. 

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