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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Inglot Products Review #inglot #productreview

One of my most “favouritest” brand (apart from MAC) is Inglot. 

For the ones who aren’t familiar with Inglot here’s a little bit about the brand -
Inglot is a Polish brand which is 25+ years old and have more than 400 retail stores worldwide. It was created keeping in mind high quality products at reasonable prices. Inglot too follows the black and white color scheme for their branding. Inglot has entered the Indian market under Major Brands which is one of the leading franchisee for premier international brands like Mango, Aldo, Nine West, Charles & Keith etc.

What baffles me is that being such an excellent brand and present in the market for so long it’s yet to gain popularity. I have tried most of the products that Inglot has to offer and I can vouch by them!

Being a makeup artist myself I can say that the quality of the Inglot products is one of the best and the range they offer is pretty wide. Inglot has eye shadows, lip colors and nail paints in every possible shade of every color and in all the textures.

The “Freedom System” offers you the freedom to be able to customize your palettes i.e. eyes, lips and face, and trust me you would be spoilt for choice! Now, you wouldn’t want to get into a impulsive spree and fill your palette all at one go.. so you can either buy a smaller palette like a 2 or 4 squad or if you are craving for more which I am sure you would once you enter the store is buy a bigger palette like a 20 or 40 squad and keep filling them eventually. This will not only help you to buy a wide array of shades but also choose wisely and only those you require! Plus who doesn’t like indulging frequently?! ;)

Inglot offers a very interesting range of products. The first would be the “Rainbow” shade which has 3 shades of the same color in one refill! The second would be the amazing 3D gloss lip gloss! Ya I know that 3D or HD cosmetics is not a new concept but you have to try these lip gloss to know what I am talking about. It’s like different colors rolled into 1!!!

EYES: Some of the products that I totally love are definitely the eye shadows they are beautiful shades, highly pigmented and stay intact till EOD.

rainbow eye shadows

gel eye liners
Another product which I can’t get enough of and I swear by it is the gel eye liner. They are available in 19 shades!!! (pls don’t blame me if you aren’t able to choose which color you would want) They are priced Rs. 850/- for a pot of 5.5g. You would find a worth of every penny paid as these are so totally waterproof that you would have to literally scrape them off while removing your makeup and you precisely need just 1 stroke if you using it for your lower water line!  If you wanna make crying look glam you know which product to choose. The only thing missing is the application brush, but on second thoughts its fine cause the quality just compensates for it!

LIPS: The lipsticks and lip glosses are again highly pigmented, the colors are bright and vibrant. My pick for you would  be the duo paint out which has a shimmer and a matte texture of the same shade!

VLC Sleek lip gloss

Some other products that I have used are the nail paints, which are high in sheen and have a lot of products. The primer is also great it feels like "nothing" on your skin. 

nail polish

I am yet to try the foundation of Inglot but I am sure that they too would be great!

PACKAGING: The customized palettes have a nice packaging. They have a magnetic case which can just slide open, great even for travelling. The quads are available in square and round. Single pots are also available. You can customize your palettes for eyes, face and lips.

PRICING:  I know what you must be thinking- “yeah Inglot sounds great but then let’s get to the matter of truth- the Pricing?” Well, remember what I said initially it was created keeping in mind high quality products are reasonable prices and that is exactly what they offer. Their products are of great quality, I mean I use it all the time on my clients and they are fabulously priced! If I have to compare it with a brand to give you a fair idea of the pricing it would be close to L’oreal Paris! I mean it’s a dream come true for every makeup crazy girl out there!!!!! You want to invest in a product which gives you a professional quality yet at a great price, well ladies you know where you would get that!!!

The stores are located everywhere, just walk into any one of them to be mesmerized!!!  

You can check  out their website to view their entire collection. Inglot Cosmetics 


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  1. I haven’t actually tried either of them, but definitely would love to try it. I was looking for articles on inglot cosmetics and I came across yours inspiring read.