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Friday, 1 November 2013

Hair Vows!!!

Hi Beautiful Ladies....

Today I am going to talk about tips that we all already know but for some lame reason we don't follow them... So lets quickly go through our check list.

  • Not Washing our hair everyday!!!! I know none of us like a bad hair day especially when you want to dress up for a special some one. Washing your hair every single day is bad for your mane is simply cause it washes away the natural oils from your scalp. also over shampooing your hair promotes oil production thus making your hair too oily!
  • Towel Drying- Most of the women have the habit of aggressively rubbing the hair after a wash thus damaging the hair. Simply just tie a towel around your hair for a while and let it soak in all the excess water.
  • Not Brushing your hair before bed! - yes you read it right.. you should brush your hair before going to bed mainly to stimulate the scalp however beware of over doing it.
  • Using too many chemicals- using various hair products and sprays can make your hair look beautiful but they damage your hair at the same time if used more than often. 
  • Too hot or too cold treatment- over blow drying or using too much heat on your delicate hair will damage them and carelessness can get them burnt too!!!
  • Tying your ponytail in the same place - if you have heavy hair and place it in an excessively tight pony tail on a regular basis, this can cause too much tension on the hair especially at the front hair line. Excessive tension over a long period of time can weaken the hair around the hairline.
  • A healthy diet- many of us don't realize but a healthy diet not only effects on our body but also on the health of our hair.
  • A nice hair massage- oil your hair once a while and give a nice gentle massage to stimulate your scalp. However, the key is not to over do it!!!
So touch your beautiful hair and tell them.. "i do" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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