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Monday, 25 November 2013


Ok ok so you all are right.. I should have started the “Whats in your Kitty” series with this post.. My apologies!!!! God! What was I thinking!

Anyways, so its never too late! So let’s begin with the very basics of makeup! For the ones who need a heads up for starting one or just a check list for the ladies who already have.
Before starting off with this series we have to remember that building our kit would days, weeks or even months and a considerable amount of money (depending on the brands that you choose) We will have to assemble various types of products, colours, textures, tools and tones etc. I have said in this in my earlier post also, please choose your cosmetics wisely and don’t give into impulsive buying (I was a victim of it too.. still recovering from it actually). Carefully plan your kit, knowing the versatility you would require. Also, keeping in mind your lifestyle would help a great deal while planning. For example, the kind of work you do, climatic condition of the city you live in, how actively you are involved socially etc.
Suppose, if you have a foundation which would require a lot of time/ effort to apply and if you are usually pressed for time high chances are that you may never use that product.

Step 2 would be to know about yourself. Know your skin type- oily, combination or dry. Know your eye shape – almond, deep set, regular etc. Know your face shape- round, oval, long, etc. Your eye colour – brown, black or any other colour.  I will be posting pictures to help you all.  You would want to buy products that would help you accentuate your looks!

Step 3 would be a good storage space depending on how many products you own. Always store them in a cool dry place and keep a tab on the expiry dates of the products. You can find a lot of DIY videos on you tube and make your own storage space.  
Alrighty then now that we have cleared that lets begin… My post on lipsticks is already out.
We’ll be taking baby steps towards building the kit.  It’s a slow process but  worth the effort.

Do leave your comments, reviews, views on these series… I would love to hear your DIY and other ideas for your storage space.


Disclaimer: Images are sourced from various websites and are only for display intentions.

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