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Friday, 13 September 2013

About Me.... Welcome to my world!

Hi Ladies.....

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!! I greatly appreciate your support!

To tell you about myself.... I am Radhika.  Born, brought up and settled in the beautiful garden city of India, Bangaluru (Bangalore)

I am a sales professional, (after all we need the money to buy cosmetics!!!) as well as freelancing as a makeup artist. I specialise in bridal and party makeup! 
My love for makeup started  when I was in college.. [shoot i feel old already! :( ] and i have invested some money in buying cosmetics ( ok ok.... i spend more than half my money to buy makeup)... cosmetics are my weakness!!! {so now you know what to gift me ;) }

So why should you be reading my blog????????? ahemmm... good question!!! 
well............. I would be talking a lot of cosmetics (oh just so that you know! FYI- I am NOT getting paid for writing these reviews.. these products are bought by my hard earned money and some savings... so its honest and personally my view about the product). I am solely doing this to help you pretty ladies out there so you can invest your money in products that are worth it.

Well, the main idea of this blog would be to review the products and brands which are easily available in India, well almost of it, rather than talking about those products which are available only overseas.

 Unlike other blogs where you would read great reviews about the product and then never find it locally and then if you are anything like me where you have sleepless nights dreaming about the product.. agghhh... hate it!!!
So then we google it and then pay high shipping charges or asking family and friends traveling abroad to help us source the products coz we just so want our hand on the cosmetics!!!!

alright then lets get started!!!!

Oh BTW the picture below is of my humble collection of cosmetics  dated 2012....

a little bit of my eye makeup collection !!!!


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    1. Thanks Sweta for your support. I will be adding a lot of info very shortly. Stay connected for the same. Suggestions are welcome!