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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Like BB and CC creams weren't enough now we have DD creams??!!!!

Yes! you heard it right after the BB and CC creams we now have DD creams.... God knows what are other alphabet would be used after these? may be BB, CC, DD cream.................... now EE creams!!! :P

so what are these creams? why is everyone talking about these creams all of a sudden?
whats the hype about them and which one should I  buy? read on for the simplest meaning of all...

BB Creams: aka "Blemish Balms" or "Beauty Balm"... it is basically a lighter version of foundation. BB creams mainly help in hiding blemishes... its best for those gals who do not like applying foundation and would like a "light" feel on their skin! Most of the times these creams are treated as all-in-one creams which include primer, serum, foundation and moisturizer.
Rs. 99 for 18 g
personally.. the coverage is not great, however it acts as a great base for foundation. Its become a new step in my beauty regime!
Garnier: Rs. 99 for 18g and Rs. 199 for 40g
Maybelline: Rs. 199 for 18ml
Ponds: Rs. 125 for 18g
L'oreal paris True Match: Rs. 550 for 30ml
Body Shop too has various BB creams depending on the skin type and skin tone.

CC Creams: aka "colour correction" or "colour control" as the name suggests its meant for correcting any redness, uneven skin tone and dark spots..  since our Indian skin colour doesn't really have redness as against our fairer counterparts. In India is only Lakme is offering CC creams as of now.
I haven't really bought a CC cream since I am very happy with my Garnier BB cream however I have tried the Lakme CC cream and the results were ok ok.. not too bad or either too good!!!!

Rs. 135 for 30g

Price: Lakme CC cream Rs.135 for 30g

and finally....

DD Creams: this new technology is for " dynamic do it all". these are best for aging skin and those want to focus on improving the skin tone and reducing wrinkles over a period of time. So the DD creams are probably the next generation of creams and moisturizers which would have the benefits of BB and CC creams. That is the dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles.
Currently this type of cream is NOT available in India.

so ladies let me know your experience with these BB/ CC/ DD creams!!! which one suits you the best??????

Disclaimer: Pictures are sourced from Google and various other websites.


  1. I have an oily skin and pimple marks on my face, if I use BB cream will help me cover up my marks?
    And can I use this BB cream everyday?

  2. Hi Aziza. thanks for your comment. Using creams on oily skin can be tricky at times. You can start by applying the BB cream all over your face and neck except the T zone for the first few days and check how your skin is reacting to the same.
    and yes its safe to use BB creams on a daily basis.