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Thursday, 19 September 2013

sshhhh... The REAL Tricks!!!

Thats right I am gonna share the tips and tricks to know before buying basic makeup products. So the next time you visit the makeup store (read candy store) you wouldn't give in to impulsive shopping which we ladies are very famous for! These are the tricks which will actually work for you.

FOUNDATION: The very first thing to know is your skin type. Most of us have a oily T zone. Also, knowing the 'undertone' of your skin tone is very essential.  We Indians are mostly yellow under toned thus the foundation too should have a yellow undertone as against to the pink ones. So, those are the  basic steps to remember while buying a foundation. In certain cities, where the weather reaches extremes you may tend to have a different skin  type during the winters and a different one during summers and choose the foundation type accordingly.

 So, whenever you go to buy a foundation of any brand please do not rush into a decision. Always ask the salesperson to apply it on your face and leave it on for the rest of the day. You would also like to chose a day to try out the foundation when you are on your daily chores, which means if you sweat it also, it would still help you to decide better by the end of the day. Else, you can try it on before sunset. This will help you see yourself in the sunlight and well as the artificial light. To choose the right shade its always advisable to apply on your chin area (above your jaw). The shade should match your face AND your neck colour.  Also take a lot of pictures of yourself, as the foundation at times tends to look very 'artificial' in pictures. Be completely sure that your face isn't looking "cakey" or where everyone would instantly know that you have applied "layers" of makeup. You wouldn't want to take a chisel to chip off the makeup for your real skin!!!
 Trying it out this way will also help you identify if you skin has any break outs.
Most of the brands do let you take a wee bit of a sample to try it on yourself. Trying it yourself also means that you can test your comfort level in blending and application. So you might wanna take small empty pots to carry with you the next time.
Generally we ALL make the same mistake and realise it much later. Yes, we all like our skin to look flawless but that doesn't necessarily mean that we pick up 2 shades lighter than our actual skin tone. For a "fairer" look you can try talcum powder. The key to look great is to buy a foundation that is the SAME as your skin tone or a shade lighter IF there is not much of a shade difference. Gone are the day when people celebrated "fair" skin, the sun kissed or olive skin tone is more favorable now!
Rule of thumb:
Oily skin should go for a water base, or oil free foundation which will give you more of a matte finish.
Dry skin: go in for liquid foundation which would make your skin look supple and well moisturized.

CONCEALER: The same technique should be kept in mind while choosing a concealer. It has to be same shade or you can go to a maximum of 1 shade lighter to your skin tone even if you are choosing it for your 'oh so ugly' dark circles! Girls with dry skin should opt for liquid concealers and the ones with oily skin for a
cream base or a oil free concealer.The best method of applying the concealer under the eye is using the ring finger to blend it in. Since the skin under the eye is very delicate the ring finger helps in applying just the right amount of pressure for blending.

APPLICATION: There are many schools of thought on the techniques of applying foundation. So the best method is which you are confident about. It could be various types of brushes, sponges or just bare hands. Which ever method you are opting, 2 important things should be kept in mind. A. The brush/sponge/ hands should be clean. B The foundation should be well blended!

Another school of thought is that concealer should be applied first then the foundation followed by a compact or loose powder. Remember girls in makeup there are now rules! If you like to apply just the foundation or concealer and skip the rest of the steps then you can or apply the concealer- foundation- concealer you can.  its just about what works the best for you. 

EYESHADOW: Since we Indians do not have light coloured eyes we can choose our eyeshadows without having to worry too much about the shades which will extenuate the eye colour.  They can be selected according to the colours you like which match your skin tone and your hair colour. Since neon is the trend this season, you try out bold colours like yellow and orange with the same confidence. You can opt for a matte finish for everyday use. Other textures include pearl, glossy, satin and frost finish which can be used on different occasions. Gold, bronze, pink, mauve are a few which go well with the Indian skin tone. 'Smokey Loo'k colours not only include the traditional black but can also be done with different shades of green, blue, maroon, brown, grey etc. 
The key to get a complete look is by blending the eye shadows together especially if you are using 2 or more colours. You would want to smooth-en any harsh lines for a beautiful finish.

Coming soon the must have makeup brushes.

Disclaimer: Pictures are sourced from Google and various other websites.

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