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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My Favorite M.A.C. products!!!!

Ok so let me very honest that I soo totally, truly, madly, deeply LOVE  MAC. Its my top of the list fave brand apart from a few others. The best part of it that its easily available in India.
Lot of girls that I have spoken to believe that the MAC products are very expensive. Well.. on second thoughts, its not ALL that expensive.  If you buy L'oreal or NYX kind of  products then MAC is priced just a little bit more. So its not gonna create a very big hole in your clutch!  ;)

I am going to name a product of each type. So you could try them out when you stop at the store the next time. Also, all the MAC products are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

FOUNDATION: I am a big fan of liquid foundations as they are easier to work on and so according to my skin I use the Studio Sculpt. I am shade NC 40. The studio Sculpt gives a complete coverage without making me look "cakey" for all day long. A little bit of the foundation is enough for the entire face and neck since its highly pigmented.  Price: Rs. 1500/- approx

EYESHADOW: This is the toughest part, choosing my most fave eye shadow. Its no hidden secret that my weakness is eye shadows! So with  a heavy heart I am going to choose one.. Its probably one if the most famous shadows world wide and is a must have in your collection. "wood winked".

In the case it looks very different than what it really is.  I would describe it as a medium bronze with a warm orange undertone once applied.The actually is a beautiful golden color and its great for office, date, dinners or even a wedding. You can create an elegant look using just this shade or you can blend it with black or dark brown and create a beautiful soft smokey look either ways its a must have for your makeup collection. Price: Rs. 900/-

EYESHADOW PRIMER/ BASE: Its one of  the MAC paint pots, and this one which I absolutely like is in shade "painterly pot". Its a very common one too. In the pot it looks pale pink. Its great for using as a base for any eye make up. How does it work you may ask. So this pale pink shade makes your eye lid an even tone. It works as a eye primer too! Your eye shadow color would be accentuated and would last longer with out any creasing. Be sure to give a minute gap for the base to settle in before you apply the eye shadow. Price: Rs. 1100/-

(L-R) wood winked, painterly pot, wood winked with painterly pot base

Coming soon... must have eye shadow shades of MAC.

Disclaimer: Pictures are sourced from Google and various other websites.

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